Vine is Short but Sweet


Vine has started to explode on my social media sites like Twitter. At first, I was unsure how to use Vine but after getting a hang for it, it was easy to understand the new addiction. Vine offers a video outlet with a time limit. I feel that this limit on time makes the generated videos much more quality over quantity. You must get the point fast, and make the content easy to understand. In the article listed, it explains the “2 More Reasons Your Brand Should Be on Vine.”


“1) Brands can tell stories on Vine that they know their viewers will watch all the way to the end.

2) Content is still king, but creativity has become the prince.”


I agree with these findings greatly, and believe that constraints are the key to succeeding in social media. For example, Twitter only allows users 140 characters to make their point. This puts pressure on the user to make it short and sweet. This is the same concept as Vine, only allowing an allotted time to create a video makes users really consider what they want in it.


Short and sweet = success


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